Support women to breastfeed
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Thousands of babies fell seriously ill in China because the milk they drank was contaminated with melamine. Some even died. These babies were not breastfed because
  • baby milk companies convinced parents that their products were better than breastmilk
  • women lacked adequate support to breastfeed their babies at the work place
  • women lacked correct information about infant feeding

Evidence points out how vital breastfeeding is to infant survival with health. Women are being forced to stop breastfeeding and give their babies infant milk powders because of lack of facilities and support to women to breastfeed and increasing commercial interference in infant feeding.

Potential disasters are waiting to happen across the world.

We have submitted our FIRST call to world leaders by submitting a petition to the H.E. Mr. N. S. de Silva, President of the 62nd World Health Assembly , Honorable Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition, Government of Sri Lanka, in May 2009. this was submitted jointly by IBFAN , World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action(WABA), Corporate Accountability International and Churches Action for Health, World Council of Churches.

As we continue to move towards getting ONE MILLION VOICES, on its way we shall submit our petitions to world leaders at different fora, including the World Economic Forum, next World Health Assembly and also mobilise national level submissions.


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To world leaders:

As citizens, we call for a stop to commercial interference in infant nutrition, the strict implementation of the International Code for Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and ensuring support for women to breastfeed. We urge you to create/implement legislation that restricts infant milk manufacturers from promoting their products as breastmilk substitutes/baby foods, to have a budgeted plan of action to promote and support women for optimal breastfeeding and to ensure breastfeeding friendly workplaces with adequate nursing breaks in the public and private sector so that working women are not forced to abandon breastfeeding.